Files for Ben Franklin are now available! Help us print parts and send them in by September 1st!


We the People of the Maker-verse, in Order to form more perfect large-scale 3D printed sculptures, hereby establish this crowdsourcing website for the United Printers of the Maker-verse.

Franklin blender

Ben Franklinstein a.k.a. Distributed Ben Franklin

Total Progress:

7.575757575757576% Complete
1.5151515151515151% In Progress

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How it works

  1. Sign in with your Google+ account
  2. Commit to a project. You will be assigned a new block to print.
  3. Print your given block within 24 hours. You may print in whatever color or material you like, so long as the part comes out nicely. Feel free to inscribe your initials on the back (or other non-visible face)!
  4. Verify your printed block by uploading a photo of your printed block along with its length, width, and height measurements.
  5. Your print will be verified within a couple of hours and you will receive an address to mail your block
  6. When all blocks for a project have been completed, they will be glued and assembled to present next to the original statue! Your name will appear here on the website as a valued contributor to the project!

Recent Activity

Greg Needel shipped Part X4 Y5 Z0 about 8 hours ago
Samuel Bernier is ready to ship Part X2 Y5 Z6 about 11 hours ago
Ryan Hoover is ready to ship Part X4 Y2 Z7 about 11 hours ago
Michael Perina shipped Part X5 Y1 Z0 about 22 hours ago
Michael Perina shipped Part X3 Y3 Z2 about 22 hours ago
Scott Van Campen is ready to ship Part X6 Y2 Z1 2 days ago
Chris Nix shipped Part X4 Y2 Z1 4 days ago
Chris Nix shipped Part X2 Y4 Z0 4 days ago

Past Project:
Bust of George Washington

George dc monument

About We the Builders

We the Builders was created as part of the ArtBytes Hackathon at the Walters Art Museum. Our team set out to recreate a full 1:1 scale replica of a prominent work of Baltimore public art using 3D printing. We didn't have enough printers to do it all ourselves, so we built this crowdsourcing platform!

The We the Builders Team is:

  • Todd Blatt
  • David Fine
  • Matthew Griffin
  • Amy Hurst
  • Ryan Kittleson
  • Marty McGuire

Special thanks to Direct Dimensions for their amazing 3D scanning skills.

Special thanks to Tinkerine Studio for sponsoring the George Washington Bust project to allow us to reimburse some shipping costs!