About We the Builders

We the Builders makes giant crowd-sourced sculptures out of hundreds of small parts, 3D printed around the world by people like you!

We the Builders began at the ArtBytes Hackathon at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore in 2014. Our team, with the help of Direct Dimensions, 3D scanned a bust of George Washington and sliced the digital image into hundreds of sections. We developed a nifty platform where anyone with a 3D printer can claim a part to print on their own, then log and ship us their piece.

Since then, We the Builders has created several large community-built sculptures in the likeness of some of our nation's historical icons: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allen Poe (sculpted by Ryan Kittleson), and Rosie the Riveter (sculpted by Jen Schachter). In 2018 we built a giant monument of Rosie printed by over 700 people from around the world. With help from Adam Savage (Tested.com, Mythbusters) and dozens of volunteers from Nation of Makers, we assembled all 2,625 parts into a staggering 6-foot tall sculpture.

These huge projects aren't possible without the support of builders like you! There are lots of ways you can help out:

Our Team

The We the Builders Team is:

Past contributors include:

Thanks to Our Past and Current Sponsors

Special thanks to Direct Dimensions for their amazing 3D scanning skills.

Special thanks to Tinkerine Studio for sponsoring the George Washington Bust project to allow us to reimburse some shipping costs!