How it works

  1. Join the project by requesting a file to print. You will be assigned a part automatically.
  2. Download the STL file for your part from the project page.
  3. Print your given part within 24 hours. Check the project and part requirements for details like color, material, print settings, etc.
  4. Once it's printed, write your part ID on a non-visible face using a permanent marker. Feel free to add your initials or leave a note for the assembly team!
  5. Verify your printed part by uploading a photo of the part along with its length, width, and height measurements.
  6. Ship your part using the details in the project description.
  7. Let the assembly team know that your part has shipped. Be sure to include a tracking number if you have one!
    • Note: Once your part is verified, you can grab another. Combine shipments to save money!
  8. When all parts for a project have been received, the assembly team will put them all together to make a finished sculpture. Your name will appear on the project page as a valued contributor to the project!