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Love Beats in 3D

We're building this sculpture to be installed in Miami at Loveburn Feb 2024. We're proud to announce we were awarded a small art grant to make this sculpture and bring it to the event. Please get your parts to Baltimore by Jan 15th to allow us enough time to build, light it up program it, pack it and ship it to Florida.

An AI Collaboration

wireframe image of heart ribs and spine shaded image showing ribs inside heart showing holes for led on side of heart

Todd provided prompts to Midjourney to create reference images for a heart sculpture. The project was then manually modeled using Autocad, with inspiration drawn from Midjourney's interpretation of Todd's description.

trenches on back of heart connecting to holes close-up image of red spine shape inside ribs

The sculpture features ribs on the inside of the heart. Both the heart shell and the ribs will be 3D printed in clear translucent plastic, similar to the previous Crystal Unicorn project. The spine shape will be printed in translucent reds and amber colors and will light up. Individually addressable LED strips will be threaded through the ribs and the spine piece.

heart and ribs model cut into 318 rainbow pieces grid spine model cut into 28 piece grid

The two sections of the sculpture were sliced independently, again using LuBan. This allows the sliced parts to be placed in separate sections of the website, with the 28 red spine parts assigned to those who want to print in red, and ~300 clear parts for everyone else.


closeup rim of heart shows trench for leds rear of heart showing lines for wires to holes that go to ribs compartments on bottom of heart

Tracks have been added around the rim of the heart to accommodate additional LEDs. This will likely be a long strand of LED neon encircling the heart. On the back of the sculpture, wiring going to each of the ribs will be exposed intentionally as part of the design. These wires will be in recessed trenches. Underneath the sculpture, the power supply and ESP-32 microcontroller will be housed in compartments behind a little door.

Individual Contributors

Our thanks to all the individuals who are making this project happen!

  • Jon Dunfee (60 Parts) 60
  • Robert Barton (43 Parts) 43
  • John Grant (31 Parts) 31
  • Top Dollar (26 Parts) 26
  • LTD Investments (23 Parts) 23
  • David Waugh (23 Parts) 23
  • PawnShops Net (22 Parts) 22
  • Top Dollar (22 Parts) 22
  • United Pawn (20 Parts) 20
  • Tom Capon (16 Parts) 16
  • Nic Giannandrea (11 Parts) 11
  • Marshall Bronfin (8 Parts) 8
  • Brent Lybrink (6 Parts) 6
  • Thomas Fonseca (6 Parts) 6
  • Mark Kleeb (5 Parts) 5
  • Todd Blatt (3 Parts) 3
  • Mike “NLTMW” Fancy (2 Parts) 2
  • Public Technology Services (2 Parts) 2
  • Garrett Reynolds (2 Parts) 2
  • Scott Willis (2 Parts) 2
  • Hunt05 (2 Parts) 2
  • Sophi Kravitz (1 Part)
  • Cody Wright (1 Part)
  • Vicky Somma (1 Part)
  • Lisa Hillard (1 Part)
  • Nicolas Curci (1 Part)
  • Mark Grimsrud (1 Part)
  • Chris Thompson (1 Part)
  • Tyson Dabney (1 Part)
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