Nefertiti at #fab15 in Egypt! Thanks everyone for helping.


Home stretch! #fab15


Day two at the #Fab15 conference!


3D printed Nefertiti from brows to chin hands and 3d printed parts covered in glue and tape two assemblers smile at the camera holding one large assembled section above one on the ground, waiting with a layer of glue on top Todd kneels next to the partially assembled bust of Nefertiti, which stops just below the eyes

#fab15 Nefertiti showed her face today!


a hand holds a 3d print in gold filament of a nose and lips, showing that it is larger than a smaller printed bust of Nefertiti

It's gonna be huge!


♻ Repost of Mrehan's post
We just received some parts from Germany for the large 3D printing project of Nefertiti sculpture and we found some candies🍬, a small resin printed Nefertiti & a letter✉️ . Thanks to Katija 💓 The 478 parts sculpture will be assembled during @FAB Conference Fab Lab Egypt @fab lab new cairo @Fab foundation
wooden table covered in 3D printed parts


cardboard box full of 3D printed parts

We're checking in parts!

This is our 7th project, and our first one that will be assembled overseas!

We the Builders is going farther than we ever have before — across the seas and way back to ancient times! We are building another giant, crowdsourced sculpture, this time of Nefertiti, “one of the most mysterious and powerful women in ancient Egypt” — Nefertiti reigned as queen of Egypt from 1353-1336 BC and may have ruled as Pharaoh after her husband’s death.

For the past fifteen years, Fab Lab makerspaces from around the world have gathered to connect local and global communities of makers, builders, and technologists. Our friends at Fab Lab Egypt and Fab Lab new Cairo are are hosting the annual gathering for all Fab Labs and makerspaces aroud the world — FAB15. Each year members of worldwide Fab Labs gather to share, discuss, collaborate and create communities around the different local and global interests regarding digital manufacturing, innovation and technology and this year it's gonna happen in Egypt who has more than 7000 years of making history. A community build of Nefertiti seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!

A digital image of the famous sandstone sculpture has been sliced into 478 parts and we need your help to 3D print them all!

With over 1,700 Fab Labs around the world, there are no shortage of printers, but we want to make this as global of an effort as possible.

Nefertiti hack scan

We're assembling a large version of the original 18" sculpture of Bust of Nefertiti which is currently on display in Germany. in 2016, this sculpture was scanned and recreated 1:1 with 3D printing in 2016. We're excited to build a larger version of that piece. More information about the interesting source of the scan can be found here. A special thanks to Jan Nikolai Nelles and Nora Al-Badri for making this file available.

The finished sculpture will stand 4 feet/1.2 meters tall and be assembled as a community build at the Fab15 event. Sign up to claim your part because this one is going to go fast!

Sliced 3d model of Nefertiti 3d model of Nefertiti

If you have printed for We the Builders before, you know the drill. If you are new to this site, first create an account by logging in with your google ID and then follow the steps here:

We need these parts quick!

We’re building the queen of in Egypt this July. Time is of the essence with this project and we need your help to get the parts ready. As we imagine the cost of shipping parts directly to Egypt individually will be quite expensive, we’re going to collect the parts here in Baltimore, and then repackage them into a few large shipments. We have a very short timeline, so please print and ship your parts so they arrive in Baltimore to be included in one of three shipments:

  • July 1st - the first bulk shipment from Baltimore to Fab Lab Egypt
  • July 8th - the second bulk shipment from Baltimore to Fab Lab Egypt
  • Jul 20th - the final shipment of any stragglers will likely travel with Todd in his luggage.

Please get these parts to Baltimore in time so we have all the parts we need for the build!

In progress slicing 3d model

If you’d like to send them directly to the conference in Egypt, you may do that as well if you're certain they'll arrive before July 28th.

The sculpture will be built in Egypt FAB15 event FabLab Egypt logo FabLab New Cairo logo

The sculpture will be built at Fab15, a conference taking place July 28th to August 4th in Cairo and ElGouna Egypt. We’ve hollowed out the head, and left the base solid for stability. This means a few people will be receiving plain boring blocks to print. If you get one of these (or even if you don’t) and want to print additional pieces, please do! We do have 478 parts to get through, so keep those printers running! This build we’ve also included a few angled support blocks that will be used inside the head to firm up certain locations which need more structure. These are different corner shapes labeled A, B, C, D, or E, and won’t have specific xyz coordinates to label, so just put the letter on those instead of the xyz numbers.

Sliced 3d model of Nefertiti front view Sliced 3d model of Nefertiti side view

For this build, we’re looking for filament colors of golds, yellows, black, whites, orange, tans, light and medium browns, and a few reds, or blues. Please print your part in one of these colors to match the theme. Parts A, B, C, D, and E may be printed in any color.

Tell a Friend!

We're excited to share this project with everyone. If you know someone with a 3D printer, or have extra print time, offer to help someone print parts. The more the merrier! Share this project on social media to help get the word out. we're @we_the_builders on Twitter, and you can join the wethebuilders Facebook group. Tag your posts on any social media using the hashtag #wethebuilders and we'll likely see it and share it!


As always, you can help us continue our crowdsourcing efforts through monetary contributions.

Individual Contributors

Our thanks to all the individuals who are making this project happen!

  • Jon Dunfee (29 Parts) 29
  • Fadl Morsy (27 Parts) 27
  • United Pawn (26 Parts) 26
  • LTD Investments (25 Parts) 25
  • PawnShops Net (24 Parts) 24
  • David Waugh (24 Parts) 24
  • Top Dollar (23 Parts) 23
  • Alex Tutusaus (16 Parts) 16
  • JAT.MN (15 Parts) 15
  • Karen Ann Carter (13 Parts) 13
  • Cat (11 Parts) 11
  • Robert Ryan-Silva (10 Parts) 10
  • Michael MacLean (10 Parts) 10
  • Bob Tucker (9 Parts) 9
  • Stephen Burgess (8 Parts) 8
  • Sergey Chernyshev (7 Parts) 7
  • Peter Frystak (7 Parts) 7
  • Darkly spectre (7 Parts) 7
  • Morgan .Strongbow (6 Parts) 6
  • Jesse Ferguson (6 Parts) 6
  • Rolando Maroño Vazquez (6 Parts) 6
  • Gilles Boenisch (6 Parts) 6
  • Alex Flamand (5 Parts) 5
  • David Doyle (5 Parts) 5
  • 3D Tech (5 Parts) 5
  • Jesse Ferguson (5 Parts) 5
  • DasMia (5 Parts) 5
  • Richard Farmer (5 Parts) 5
  • Public Technology Services (5 Parts) 5
  • TheWeb Expert (5 Parts) 5
  • Dan Reichel (5 Parts) 5
  • (4 Parts) 4
  • Kristopher Gilbert (4 Parts) 4
  • Anthony Flynt (4 Parts) 4
  • Matthew B (4 Parts) 4
  • Christoph Heuberger (4 Parts) 4
  • Bradley Ruprecht (4 Parts) 4
  • Bill Schwanitz (4 Parts) 4
  • Jon Dubin (3 Parts) 3
  • Ahmed. gamer (3 Parts) 3
  • Chuck Westfield (3 Parts) 3
  • Benjamin Hammaker (3 Parts) 3
  • Stephen Kamin (3 Parts) 3
  • Micah Lande (3 Parts) 3
  • elton panfili (3 Parts) 3
  • Cody Swendrowski (2 Parts) 2
  • Emory Stagmer (2 Parts) 2
  • Mohamed Farid (2 Parts) 2
  • Rob Waybright (2 Parts) 2
  • Auston D (2 Parts) 2
  • Greg Chaprnka (2 Parts) 2
  • Pete Kastner (2 Parts) 2
  • Garrett Reynolds (2 Parts) 2
  • Jan Dirk van den Berge (2 Parts) 2
  • Maker Block (2 Parts) 2
  • Justin Hopkins (2 Parts) 2
  • Nick Brewer (2 Parts) 2
  • Mohamed El Hashemy (1 Part)
  • Nichola Sleight (1 Part)
  • John Pickens (1 Part)
  • Ghassan Beydoun (1 Part)
  • Leila Duncan (1 Part)
  • Tim Bailey (1 Part)
  • Ryan Gill (1 Part)
  • Pete Kastner (1 Part)
  • Amos Manneschmidt (1 Part)
  • The Perfesser (1 Part)
  • Jorge Montalvo (1 Part)
  • Ahmad Elwaly (1 Part)
  • Jud Niven (1 Part)
  • shane foley (1 Part)
  • Paul Stockhoff (1 Part)
  • Moataz Hosni (1 Part)
  • Laboratório Aberto (1 Part)
  • Todd Blatt (1 Part)
  • Hunter Brooks (1 Part)
  • Ahmed Nagah (1 Part)
  • Adrián Torres (1 Part)
  • Mohamed Hussein kamal (1 Part)
  • Amir Seger (1 Part)
  • Jon Bryson (1 Part)
  • Gonzalo Olave Wolff (1 Part)
  • AMTech Ltd. (1 Part)
  • Jan Böge (1 Part)
  • Fawn Medesha (1 Part)
  • J O Y C O M P L E X (1 Part)
  • Mads Kristriansen (1 Part)
  • Ana Catarina Cabral (1 Part)
  • Mohamed El-Mogy (1 Part)
  • Devynn Rizo (1 Part)
  • Ropert Alameir (1 Part)
  • Greg Paulsen (1 Part)
  • Alon Malin (1 Part)
  • Stewart Boling (1 Part)
  • Brian Renegar (1 Part)
  • Creatables 3D (1 Part)
  • Joseph Gourgy (1 Part)
  • Amr Iskander (1 Part)
  • Mrehan Elshehawy (1 Part)
  • Artur Coelho ProfDMCE (1 Part)
  • Gojira 72 (1 Part)
  • Nuria Fablab (1 Part)
This build required 478 parts
We have completed 100%!

Recent Activity

3D Tech delivered Part 030704 almost 5 years ago
Ahmed. gamer delivered Part 060602 almost 5 years ago
Bradley Ruprecht delivered Part 060205 almost 5 years ago
3D Tech delivered Part 040806 almost 5 years ago
Alon Malin delivered Part 040706 almost 5 years ago
United Pawn delivered Part 050106 almost 5 years ago
Kristopher Gilbert delivered Part 060307 almost 5 years ago
Fadl Morsy delivered Part 060807 almost 5 years ago